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Learning to code can easily be overwhelming, as there seems to be an insurmountable ocean of things you don’t know. It’s very easy to get lost in tutorial hell, the best place to start from is ‘the why’.

Why do you even want to learn to code?

Obama asks why?

Start with the Why (Decide your end goal, if possible)

It’s okay…

Technology has always been instrumental in solving problems and ensuring the well-being in the society. In the first half of the 20th century a massive amount of new technologies that improved the quality of life emerged. E.g. Assembly Line (1901), Airplane(1903), Medication and Vaccines like Penicillin(1928 ), Polio vaccine (1921)…


#!/bin/bash — run with the bin/bash interpreter
# — for comments

Ownership, permissions, suid
- chown, chmod
command substitution
- like…



Notes on Git and GitHub

What is Git?

Git Sample Commands

What is Yeoman?

What is a virtual environment and why do I need it?

Ikechuku Ukpa

Frontend Engineer

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